Your Third Imperative in Overcoming Meniere’s Disease: Get the Right Doctor

Your number three imperative is to find an ear doctor that you can work with. You will probably be visiting them more than once before this is all over. I would suggest finding a specialist who…

  • is open to alternative medicine
  • has an e-mail address and is willing to share it with you.
  • will listen to you completely before launching into what he or she wants to tell you
  • is not a know-it-all and will not shoot down options that you bring up even though it is not their idea
  • you could get in to see without too long of a wait (I know that is asking way too much, but it does help). The sooner you can get in to discuss results, the sooner you can be cured.

How do you find that specialist? I would start by asking all the doctors you know. You can start with your family physician. Doctors exist in a close network and they all have their favorite doctors whom they trust. My neighbor is a doctor and I always ask him who to send the members of my family to for different ailments. He has given me this type of advice for years and I have yet to be disappointed by one of his suggestions.

If you need more help finding a good doctor, you should read the book The Empowered Patient by Elizabeth Cohen. In it, Cohen shares great stories and tips about how to fire your unhelpful doctors and find good ones. She also gives great guidance about how to get the best medical care from the good doctor you find.

Be patient in your search. You may have to cycle through several doctors but it will be well worth it in the end when you find the right one.

In your search for a good specialist, do not rule out young doctors. A common belief is that older, more experienced doctors are always a better bet. This is not necessarily true. Younger doctors have been trained in the latest and greatest findings. They are eager to help you.  Both groups have advantages and I do not want to pose one group as better than the other, I just want to point out that you should not rule out young doctors too quickly. I have received care from plenty of young doctors and have been just as satisfied with them as the older, “more experienced” ones.


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