Your First Imperative in Overcoming Meniere’s Disease: Be Personally Accountable

Your number one imperative is to take responsibility for finding relief. Don’t depend on your parents, kids, or your spouse. Don’t depend exclusively on your own doctor. While your doctor is highly interested in helping you find a solution, that interest diminishes greatly when his or her next patient steps in the door. They just don’t have the time or energy to devote 100% of their attention to all their patients. You, however, only have to worry about one patient: you.

Your doctors also have their own lives to keep them busy.  When they get home from work, they might have to deal with  a water heater that has gone out, their next vacation to plan or a son flunking math. You will still have Meniere’s disease to worry about.

No one will be as motivated as you to solve this problem. No one suffers from your health problem as much as you. No one benefits from solving this problem as much as you. You are the one in charge. View your doctor as another tool in your toolbox to help solve your problems.

Doctors are great people, but they do not feel your pain as you do. You are the boss when it comes to solving this problem. Your doctor is a helper. Your doctor works for you, and like any employee that doesn’t contribute meaningfully to your endeavors, any doctor that is not helping you solve your problem should be fired.


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