Meniere’s Disease Success Stories: The Celebrities

Crucial to you overcoming the symptoms of Meniere’s disease is hope.  Deep down inside, you have to believe that you really can overcome Meniere’s.  One thing that helps build that hope is to see others overcome Meniere’s. In the future, I wish to share some stories of people who have done just that.  Today, I share the stories of a couple of folks who are a little more well-known than the normal schmo.

Ryan Adams is a popular musician who has released 17 albums (see his discography).  He is set to release another one, Ashes and Fire, on October 11th this yer. He has released eight solo albums along with collaborative efforts with his various bands.  Ryan has worked with great acts like Willie Nelson, the Counting Crows, Weezer, and Norah Jones.  He is a prolific artist who has written songs for many movie soundtracks including Sweet Home Alabama, Letters from Iwo Jima, and Elizabethtown.  Ryan learned to play the guitar at age 14 and has spent a great deal of his life performing his music but on January 14, 2009, he announced that he was done with him music career due to his battle with Meniere’s disease.   I can imagine the challenges of being a professional performer with the unpredictability of Meniere’s disease.  Despite the protests of his fans, he quietly left the music industry. Ryan Adam conquers Meniere’s disease.

On April 21st of this year, at the El Rey theatre in Los Angeles, Ryan delighted fans in a surprise appearance with Emmy Lou Harris.  A few months later, he toured Europe, performing his music.  While being initially knocked out of the game by Meniere’s, Ryan is a great example of someone who has returned to live his life and share his talent with us.  He attributes his success at managing Meniere’s disease to acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

Kristin Chenoweth suffers from Meniere's disease

Kristin Chenoweth is an equally prolific artist in film, television and the theater world.  See her long list of accomplishments at imdb.  She won a Tony award for her portrayal of Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  In 2009, she won an Emmy for playing Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies.  She had her own television series, Kristen, in 2001 and was nominated for Emmy awards in 2010 and 2011 for her role in Glee.

She had a great  interview with NPR back in 2009.  In it, she describes how miserable Meniere’s disease can be.  She also goes on to describe what she does to manage it.  Kristin emphasizes getting lots of sleep, reducing stress, and eating a low-salt diet.

Here are two high-profile examples of people with Meniere’s who have gone on live their lives despite their Meniere’s diagnosis.  I will share more in the future.