Results of Meniere’s Disease Survey: Things that Helped and Things that Didn’t

I promised that this month, I would share the results of the survey I created over at SurveyMonkey.  Lets start with the results of the questions related to treatments that would typically require a prescription from a doctor.




Prednisone is a steroid used to treat inflammatory diseases.  From the results shown, the majority of the survey participants had not tried it, yet of all those who did, no one complained that it made their situation worse.

Meniere's Disease Survey: Prednisone





Meclizine (or Melclozine) is an antihistamine that can be obtained over the counter or through a doctors prescription.  It is sold sold for travel sickness under a number of different names including Bonine.  A few more people have tried this than prednisone and some people complained that it did make their situation worse.
When I was first diagnosed with Meniere’s, my doctor prescribed Meclizine for me.  At that time, it was all I had.  I was having terrible vertigo attacks and nothing helped–not even popping these things like M&Ms.  I would classify my own experience as “made no difference.”  I might add, however, that my wife and daughter are big fans of Bonine in helping to curb travel sickness.
Meniere's Disease Survey: Meclizine


Diuretics increase the excretion of water from your body (they make you pee alot).  This helps reduce some of the fluid pressure in your inner ear.  It helps some.  It does not help others.  It did not help me but you can see that is did help some greatly.


Meniere's Disease Survey: Diuretic



Betahistine is an anti-vertigo drug first used in Europe in the 1970’s for Meniere’s disease. I have not tried this personally but it looks to help some and does not appear to make anyone worse off for using it.Pie Chart of the Results of the Meniere's Disease Survey: Betahistine

There was nothing in the survey that everyone had tried.  An unfortunately, there was nothing that helped everyone tremendously but there are some lifestyle changes that have  helped people out more than the drugs talked about today.  I will talk about those in a couple of weeks.