“Sticking With It” to Combat Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s is an incurable disease.  We must accept that unpleasant fact.

Beating Meniere’s disease is not a one time battle that you fight once and are free of the disease for the remainder of your life.  When you learn what it takes to defeat Meniere’s, you must keep with that solution for the rest of your life.  Usually this solution requires lifestyle changes that are sometimes difficult to apply day after day after day, but we must.

Unfortunately, I know this for a fact.  Twice I let up on what I knew I must do to keep the symptoms of Meniere’s disease away.  And twice the symptoms returned.  Things like aerobic exercise and meditation are those kind of things you might not like to keep up but must.  Those are also the things that you must stick with for a while before seeing any benefits.

Defeating Meniere’s disease takes time and a serious commitment.  Hang in there.  It is easy to forget this simple principle once the symptoms of Meniere’s are no longer plaguing us.  But you must stick with it or pay the consequences.

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