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  1. Patricia Martin says:

    I just read the book, Overcoming Meniere’s Disease: A Practical Guide. I am a Physician Assistant with over 8 years of practice in ENT and 13 years as a clinician. I suffered my first attack of Cochlear Hydrops (a form of Meniere’s that only affects the hearing and there is no vertigo) right as I was waking up after surgery for breast cancer. Naturally, I blamed the anesthesia for the sudden hearing loss and then later the chemotherapy of the tinnitus and hyperacusis. Months later I sought the advice of a Neurotologist colleague who diagnosed me and told me- nothing to do for this. I was able to figure out the salt connection and a low potassium which gave me relief and my hearing returned within a few months.
    I was in remission for over 6 years. Then as suddenly as if someone had rammed the back of my car, I was hit with another attack in June. This time worse than ever and it has made it impossible for me to work. I cannot hear a patient’s heart beat through my stethoscope. I cannot hear orders being dictated in a noisy room (if you have ever been hospitalized you know how noisy it can get) and my own voice, when I am presenting a case or handing off to the next shift, is excruciating.
    I read your book last night and found so much comfort from it. As a health care provider you just don’t “Get It” until you get it. Right now I am on a steroid burst and diuretics, following a severe salt restricted diet and watching my diabetes. I am hopeful that this will pass soon. I used acupuncture during chemotherapy and thought it was the best thing. I will make an appointment with my acupuncturist next week.
    Thank you for your insight as a sufferer and patient. It is very helpful
    Patricia Martin, PA-C

  2. Caroline O'Dea says:

    Hi, I’m just wondering if anybody else out there has the same symptoms as me. I have been constantly off balance and dizzy for almost six years, and was diagnosed with Miniere’s Disease. It’s not like I just get an attack and am fine when it fades off, I get the attacks too, but the balance never comes back.

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