Pycnogenol to Reduce Tinnitus

A common symptom of Meniere’s disease is tinnitus.  Last June, an Italian  study was published showing the positive influence of pycnogenol in reducing tinnitus.

The purpose of the study was to prove the efficacy of pycnogenol in improving cochlear blood flow.  In the study, 58 patients were split into two groups and given pycnogenol.  Group A, consisted of 24 people (mean age 43 years) were given 150 mg a day.  Group B, consisted of 34 people (mean age 42 years) and took 100 mg a day.  There were 24 in the control group (mean age 42) that received no pycnogenol.  All three groups were similar in symptoms, age, and gender.   No one in the groups had used medications previously to treat their tinnitus.

Blood flow in the ear was measured before the study and after.

At the beginning of the study, patients in group A had an average  initial systolic and diastolic blood flow velocities of 13.2 and 3.2 cm/sec and those in group B recorded 14.3 and 4.22 cm/sec.

The study found that after four weeks of treatment with pycnogenol, inner ear systolic and diastolic blood flow velocities in the affected ear rose to an average of 24.3 and 12.5 cm/sec in group A and rose  to an average of 21.2 and 8.3 cm/sec in group B.

Group dosage Initial blood flow Blood flow at end of study
A 150 mg/day 13.2 and 3.2 cm/sec 24.3 and 12.5 cm/sec
B 100 mg/day 14.3 and 4.22 cm/sec 21.2 and 8.23 cm/sec

The test showed that not only did inner ear blood flow increase but the tinnitus was reduced in the ears of those in both groups A and B.  Patients rated the magnitude of their tinnitus, on a scale of zero to fifteen (most intense),  before and after the study.  The tinnitus was decreased in both groups.

Group Average Subjective Tinnitus Scale before Average Subjective Tinnitus Scale after
A 8.8 3.3
B 8.8 5.2

Pycnogenol is a patented nutrient supplement extracted from the bark of European coastal pine Pinus maritima. Learn more about pycnogenol at medline plus.






  1. Can Pycnogenol actually reduce tinnitus in noise induced tinnitus patients?

    Im suffering from noise induced Tinnitus and im freaking out.

    Please advise.



    • Ted
      I get a little tinnitus occasionally. It seems to come and go in spurts. I also take pycnogenol daily for a number of health benefits. I have not done controlled experiments to actually determine how helpful pycnoenol is for tinnitus specifically. And actually, how pycnogenol reacts to my body may differ from the results you might see. I would suggest you give it a try for a few weeks to determine your own results.

      Good LUck

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