Presenting the Final Results of the Meniere’s Disease Survey

In this final installment of presenting the results of the Meniere’s disease survey, I will cover gentamicin, low-sodium diet, acupuncture, exercise, homeopathy, and the meniett device.


I haven’t had any experience with gent injections and don’t know much about them expect that they are painful to receive.  This is something that you must get from your doctor so they will not be self administered. Results show that some people have received some help from them.

Results of Meniere's Disease Survey: Gentamicin

Low-Sodium Diet

Based on the survey responses, a low-sodium diet is the most helpful for people who have tried it.  From the raw data, 46.6% of the people who have tried a low-sodium diet have benefited from it.  And noone complained that it made their condition worse.  If you remove the 16.7% of people who haven’t tried it from the group and combine the slight improvement group with the great improvement group, you get 44% seeing no improvement from adhering to a low-sodium diet while 56% have benefited.  While these are not overwhelming odds, they indicate that you have better than 1 to 2 odds of seeing some relief and this is the best odds of anything from the survey.

Results of Meniere's Disease Survey: Low-Sodium Diet


Its no surprise that I am a huge acupuncture fan.  I use it to help with ailments other than Meniere’s too.  It comes as no surprise to me that the majority of people haven’t tried acupuncture.  It is just not a well accepted form of medical treatment.  I wish more Meniere’s sufferers would try acupuncture.

I repeated the exercise I did with the low-sodium diet responses, removing the “haven’t tried it” group and combining the “slightly helped” and “greatly helped” group.  Of those who have tried acupuncture, 77% report that it made no difference while 23% did receive some benefit.

If conventional medicine is not helping you find relief, I would encourage you to try acupuncture.  The real key to getting benefit there is to find a very good acupuncturist.  It will require that you do some homework but the upside is great.  You have the chance to get your regular life back.

Results of Meniere's Disease Survery: Acupuncture


Like the low-sodium diet, this one has a strong positive component.  33.3% state the exercising helps their condition but there is also 10% that state that it made their condition worse.

The benefits of exercise are very easy for you to determine.  It doesn’t cost any money, just a little time and effort.  Give it a try for a few weeks and see how you feel.  If you feel better, keep it up.

Results of Meniere's Disease Survey: Exercise


Its hard to conclude anything from the results of this section.  3.6% of respondents were worse off with homeopathy while 10.7% got a little better.  You can draw your own conclusion.

Results of Meniere's Disease Survey: Homeopathy

Meniett Device

This one was the poorest performing treatment of the whole survey.  Only 7.4% of respondents have tried Meniett devices and the devices didn’t seem to help or hurt.  To clarify further, this section of the survey got the fewest reponses (27) which puts those that have tried the device at only 2 individuals.

Results of Meniere's Disease Survey: Meniett Device

Well, unfortunately, there is no overwhelming evidence about what works and what doesn’t.  Such is the nature of Meniere’s disease.  But hopefully this exercise sheds a little more light on what is working for some people and what is not.   Maybe you got an idea or two of something new to try.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who took the time to respond to the Meniere’s disease survey.


  1. Esme Gonzoles says:

    I use the Meniette device and it definitely helped put me in remission for 5 years. When my Meniere’s came back I hadn’t used the device for 2 years. After 3 months of constant vertigo I had vents put in my ears again and saw improvement in a week after starting using the device. It definitely works better with the vents but without them there is still some relief.