My 3 Most Powerful Weapons to Manage Meniere’s Disease

Most of the helpful treatments I have found to help me with Meniere’s disease did not come from conventional doctors.  However, my first weapon did.

Back in 1994, right after I had one of my worst vertigo attacks, I went into see  my ENT to demand an operation.  My regular ENT was not available so I saw another doctor who was.  He asked me if If there was any stress in my life.  I assured him that there was not.  He then proceeded to ask me a series of questions and by the end of his inquisition, I realized that not only did I have stress in my life, I had plenty of it.  He then talked to me about stress and meditation.  At that time, I was very anxious to try anything new as nothing I had tried until this point brought any kind of relief.  I started a practice of meditation and within a month, my symptoms had vanished and I lived a life free of Meniere’s disease symptoms for eight years.  Meditation was my first weapon in combating Meniere’s disease.

2002 was another very stressful year in my life and unfortunately,  I had discontinued my practice of meditation a few years before that.  When the symptoms came back, I immediately started back up with my practice of meditation.  While it helped, I could not completely control the more serious issue of unpredictable vertigo attacks.  I had a pretty lousy summer that year and was desparate to try something else to bring me relief.  While I had hoped that the medical world had learned new ways to combat Meniere’s in the eight years since I had had to deal with it, I learned that it had not.  The doctors were still giving the same advice that had brought me no relief before.

When I was about out of hope, I happened to be talking with a friend who had just overcome a serious health issue of his own via acupuncture.    I had always been skeptical of this medical modality but again, I was desparate and willing to try anything.  I went in and had two sessions with the acupuncturist and have not had a vertigo attack since 2002.

Even though the vertigo attacks had been eliminated from my life, I still had some of the minor symptoms plaguing me: tinnitus, aural fullness, and some occasional dizziness.  It was then that I stumbled upon the advice of John of Ohio.   In that article, John lists a regimen of supplements to take.  Over the years, I have learned that I can take a subset of what John suggests.  This addition of supplements has provided my third and final weapon in my arsenal to eliminate the symptoms of Meniere’s.

To recap, my formula to keep the symptoms of Meniere’s disease away is

1) Meditation

2) Acupuncture

3) Supplements

In future posts, I will talk more about these things in detail.



  1. Helena Martins says:

    Please do keep them coming!
    Curious about the Acupuncture.

    Thanks for this,

    • Acupuncture is powerful stuff. I’m the first to admit that it seems pretty strange to the uninitiated. I won’t talk about my experience there for a few weeks. Check out the resources page for books and websites to visit in the meantime.

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