More Meniere’s Disease Successes

Meniere’s is a terrible ailment and I love it when people share what is working for them.  Meniere’s is such a complex disease because what works for one person may not work for others.  I have shared what has worked for me but that may not always help you.  So I love to pass on what others have shared with me.

I have been running a survey for a while to gain some insights into what has been helping people.  I will share those results this month.  A by-product of the survey is that some generous folks have shared some thoughts about what is working for them.  I pass those ideas along

  • I did have the Shunt surgery which helped TREMENDOUSLY, however as my doctor stated it is no cure. I wish more people would look into this because I would do it again. I have Meniere’s in my right ear and although it is very frustrating and I am constantly fighting depression over it, the surgery was a great step. I still struggle with vertigo spells occassionally but they are a few minutes as opposed to hours. That is worth it!
  • Chiropractic. It did help me tremendously with the vertigo, although not hearing loss. My vertigo returned after not going to the chiro for about 6 months. Returning has lessened the frequency and intensity of my vertigo attacks.
  • I have great success with meditation (Holosync from Centerpointe).

I have always been an advocate of meditation to help those with Meniere’s disease.  I am not familiar with Holosync but am happy for anyone that finds something that helps.

I have not had any experience using chiropractors to help with Meniere’s disease symptoms.  I’m not even sure how I would go about it.  I’d imagine that if you picked a chiropractor at random, showed up in their office and asked for help with Meniere’s disease, you might get met with a blank stare.  I suspect you need one who specializes in something or you need to ask for some specific treatment.  If you have had success using chiropractors to help with Meniere’s, please leave a comment below and tell us how it is done.