Meniere’s Disease Success Story: The Musician

Here’s a success story that I really like for a number of reasons.  First, it reinforces a number of principles I have been advocating for the last few years.  Second, it is especially encouraging because it is about a guy whose livelihood depends on having functional hearing.

Joe Bongiorno is a musician who was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and suffered from the same unpleasant symptoms that we have.  Through trial and error, he discovered what was causing the problem and has systematically overcome Meniere’s disease.

I have always emphasized the importance of reducing stress in one’s life especially those motivated to eliminate the effects of Meniere’s disease.  Joe had several stressors in his life that he attributed to compromising his immune system and making his body vulnerable to Meniere’s attacks.

He also is a great example of what I call “personal responsibility.”  By that I mean that you are ultimately responsible for your good health and well-being.  Relying solely on one doctor’s advice can be a long fruitless path for someone suffering from Meniere’s disease.  You are the one ultimately responsible for getting yourself better and frankly, no one should be more motivated than you to get yourself better. You must take the lead in figuring out your path back to better health.

Joe took a very scientific approach to determine what was affecting him. He declared it was a fungal infection of the inner ear.  His suggestions for those suffering from Meniere’s disease include

  • Get blood work done. Test for food allergies.  Get Candida and Herpes virus testing.
  • Ensure that your prescription drugs are not harming your inner ear
  • Don’t use Q-tips. Have a professional ear cleaning done regularly.
  • Exercise–something else I have always emphasized
  • Drink plenty of water–64 ounces a day.
  • Avoid ear surgery
  • Try only one treatment at a time to isolate what works and what doesn’t
  • Be patient

One thing that was re-emphasized when I read Joe’s account was the return of his hearing function. After my first bout with Meniere’s disease, I suffered great hearing loss. But my hearing fully returned after a few months. I now suffer from hearing loss and am encouraged at the thoughts that I can run my own experiments and possibly recover.

You can read Joe’s full account here.