Meniere’s Disease and the Low Sodium Diet

When I was first diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, my doctor put me on a low sodium diet.  I was so motivated at that time to rid myself of the disease that I took the low sodium diet to new lows and ate almost a no sodium diet for several months.  When the Meniere’s symptoms did not disappear, I disappointingly wrote off the low sodium diet, convinced that it couldn’t help me.

What I did not realize at that time was that the stresses in my life were destroying my health at such a rate that the low sodium diet could not compete with such strong negative forces.  Since then, I have learned that the low sodium diet helps but may not always be able to stand on its own to help you manage your Meniere’s disease symptoms if you have much greater negative forces affecting your health.

In the next few weeks, I will be talking about a low sodium diet.  In the meantime,  check out the Daily Dish, which is run by Christy Ellingsworth who herself suffers from Meniere’s disease.  That site has plenty of low sodium recipes that take a departure from the typically bland low sodium recipe books you may have experienced.



  1. Hey, thanks for the link! Hope you’re finding the website useful!

    So sorry to hear you’re suffering from the wacky ear plague too. Meniere’s is awful but I truly believe we’re all stronger together. Keep up the wonderful work here.


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