Iy Yi Yi! My Fourth Round with Meniere’s Disease

Sadly, there is no cure for Meniere’s disease. It can go into remission but is never completely gone. Once diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, a patient has it for life. When it does go into remission, it can stay away for a long time and be forgotten. When my Meniere’s disease goes into remission, I often forget its devastation and I forget the healthy habits that keep it away. This happen last year.

in 2013, my workload grew to almost twice its normal size and there were constant pressures that built on me daily. Like, the proverbial boiling frog, no internal alarms went off. I  just kept at my work, plugging away, trying desperately to reduce the work load that was crushing me. I was not successful and one day, BAM, everything went loopy. You know the rest of the story there.

There is nothing like a solid vertigo attack to get your attention.  Overnight, I adopted the healthy habits that had served me so well in my past.  The most important steps were to

  1. Begin meditating again. Stress has been a constant Meniere’s trigger for me.
  2. Ensure that I get at least eight hours of sleep
  3. Visit my acupuncturist

Each round with Meniere’s disease gets shorter and shorter as I have learned what works for me.  This was no exception. My Meniere’s went dormant again after a few weeks but it still has my attention and I hope to  keep up with those habits that keep it away.

Whenever I go through this, I always reevaluate all my health practices and typically make improvements.  If there is a silver lining to having Meniere’s disease, it would be that it regularly forces me to live healthier.  The two areas that stood out in my mind this round were not drinking enough water in a day and not eating enough fruits and vegetables. I will continue to press on in those areas.

Meniere’s disease seems to affect each person a little differently. Unfortunately, what works for one person is not guaranteed to bring results with another. Your task is to find out what works for you and to stick with it–even when your Meniere’s is dormant.

Good Luck!

I wish for you a Meniere’s-free 2014