Do Meniett devices work?

Meniere’s disease manifests itself in many different ways to different people.  Also, different treatment work for different sufferers of Meniere’s.  Treatment X may work wonders for Billy while it does nothing for Bobby.  The Meniere’s community does not lack for controversy over what does and does not effectively help.  The Meniett device is one of those things that seems to work for some and not work for others.

Meniett therapy centers around a small device that pumps air into your inner ear via a surgically placed tube.  The typical patient administers three treatments a day.  If results are to come, they will manifest within six weeks.  If no improvement is seen during that time period, the patient most likely has a form of Meniere’s which will not respond to that therapy.

If you would more information on the Meniett device, check out Medtronics website.

Studies have been done over the years as to the effectiveness of the Meniett device.  One was done at the school of medicine at the University of Washington in December of 2006. They followed the results of 58 Meniere’s patients using the Meniett device over a two year period.  Vertigo conditions improved in 39 of the 58 patients.

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