Conquer Meniere’s Disease with Vinpocetine

Vinpocetine comes from the seeds of the periwinkle plant. It is also a supplement that is known for helping mental function and memory enhancement in particular, but it can be very beneficial to the delicate hearing cells of the inner ear. It is used commonly in Europe for Meniere’s disease and is advertised to help reduce tinnitus. It was also used in Russia years ago to help their cosmonauts combat vertigo.

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Also for a testimonial of someone who has had success using vinpocetine, see this posting.  There is a also page over at DailyStrength with postings from two people with Meniere’s disease. The first person did not see a difference from taking vinpocetine.  The second did.  That is a classic lesson in treatments for Meniere’s disease.  What works well for one may not necessarily work well for others.

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