Combatting Meniere’s Disease with Acupuncture: What About the Naysayers?

In today’s age, I am still surprised to see so much resistance to traditional Chinese medicine. The truth is that there are plenty of people whose lives have been improved with acupuncture. Many people find it hard to believe because it is so different from the medical treatments they grew up with. Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years–that’s plenty of time to refine a practice.

In my life, these are the facts. I was suffering from a terrible illness. I tried the advice of doctors trained in Western medicine. Aside from the advice from one to start meditating, nothing made my situation better. In some cases, like taking Prednisone, I felt much worse. A friend pointed me to a competent acupuncturist. After two sessions with this good man, all vertigo attacks stopped. To me, this is evidence enough.

Some skeptics may hear my story and counter with an argument that I have benefitted greatly from the placebo effect. To that I say, where was the placebo affect when I tried other treatments before acupuncture? I was just as committed and motivated to being healed with all the other treatments, it just so happened that acupuncture worked and continues to work. You cannot argue with success.

I believe that the majority of non-believers have never ever tried acupuncture. Go easy on the naysayer. They have not felt your pain. They don’t know what you have gone through. A lot of the people who question the value of alternative medicine are in excellent health or have always been able to leave their conventional doctor’s office with a prescription that helps them.

I am also surprised at the response I get from family and friends who hear that I embrace acupuncture when looking to recover from a health problem. They respond with, “You actually get poked with needles?” or more negatively with comments like “A friend of my cousin once had his lungs punctured with one of those needles. It’s just not safe.” I have heard all kinds of wacky stories. There is still some bad folklore floating around out there. What disappoints me is that these “friends” are more intent on propagating these stories than being happy because I have found relief from my physical tormentor.

If you choose to try acupuncture, accept the fact that not everyone will support you or understand your decision. Naysayers may include your traditional doctor.

The truth is that those who don’t understand why someone would try acupuncture have never been in a situation where they are gravely ill and all conventional therapies can’t help. I’ve always believed that if a health practitioner does not understand your illness, seek out someone else. If your doctor does not know what causes Meniere’s disease and does not really know what brings relief, find a different doctor.

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