Combatting Meniere’s Disease with Acupressure

If no matter what, you cannot bring yourself to let someone poke needles into you, you may want to pursue acupressure. The goal of acupressure is also to maintain your flow of chi through the meridians, but acupuncture points are manipulated via massage rather than needles. Usually pressure is applied and then released several times depending on how tender the area is. Acupressure has an advantage over acupuncture in that you may be able to learn about the acupuncture points and with proper guidance, treat yourself. The downside to acupressure is that only one or two points can be stimulated at a time.

To give you an idea of what you can do with acupressure, view the video by Hilary Talbot on how to relieve tinnitus with acupressure.  My own acupuncturist showed me those first two points behind the head that she shows at the beginning of the video.

Hilary also has a video on acupressure to combat nausea and to combat dizziness.

That site, eHow Health,  is a cornucopia of video helps for all kinds of health issues.  For acupressure videos, visit the site and do a search for “acupressure video.”  You will be surprised at all the ailments you can treat with acupressure.  To get you started with acupressure, see this introductory video and this one on learning acupressure.




  1. Can Acupressure help avoid Miniers flare ups or to help control the disease once a flareup has happened?
    I have some Tinnitis and hearing loss because of Miniers. Because of dizziness I struggle with being able to work when the disease flares up.
    Thank you for any help you can give.

    • I have had success using accupressure for tinnitus and fullness in my ear. I have not tried accupressure while in the throes of a vertigo spell.

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