Another Musician with Meniere’s Disease: James Day

Meniere's Disease Success Story: Musician and Sheet Music


I previously wrote about the Meniere’s disease success story of the musician, Joe Bongiorno.  I have since learned of another musician, who has faced and learned to live with Meniere’s disease.

James Day is a successful R&B songwriter who’s work has appeared on albums with Luther Vandross, George Benson and Earth, Wind & Fire. His music career seemed quite promising when, in his 20’s, he was diagnosed with Menieres and eventually lost hearing in one ear.  Like many of us, he withdrew a little from normal life.  In his own words, “At first, I wanted nothing to do with music, it was too painful. I covered all my albums with sheets so I didn’t have to look at them. My mother called it a graveyard. But soon I began to listen to them and eventually I built a home recording studio and started writing songs.”

At that point, he evaluated his talents and decided to focus on his strengths. With his hearing loss, it became more difficult to sing in tune so he has others sing on his albums. He became a non-performing songwriter and producer releasing a number of albums including a holiday album at the end of last year.  Singers for his projects include Lalah Hathaway,  Audrey Wheeler and Gavin Christopher  You can support his current project here.

Everyone loves an underdog and I am no exception.  I love to learn about people who succeed against the odds.  I am especially impressed with these musicians who press on in the same field despite suffering from hearing loss even though the sense of hearing is so important to their careers.  They have accepted their fate, adjusted and moved forward and in some cases even excelled.  Good for them.